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Digital transformation


Working with one of the worlds oldest brands (1783) on a digital transformation programme across global sales and marketing. ‘Proof of concept’ work across digital marketing technology, customer-led content marketing, CRM, CMS, PIM and DAM. Rollout of a scalable templated solution (rollout across F.I.L.A group brands).

Digital marketing tech

After winning a competitive pitch against some hefty network agency competition, we’re working with Daler-Rowney, one of the worlds oldest and most established art supply brands, to help them make sense of the marketing technology they need to transform their sales and marketing function.

The work includes a customer-centric website design & build using the Crownpeak Enterprise WCMs, best of breed integration of CRM, Product inventory (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools, and a rollout of new process and technology tools across multiple Daler-Rowney brands and markets globally.

Customer-centric strategy

Of course, before we get into technology platforms we need to figure out what the Daler-Rowney customer really wants from a digital experience.

This means: customer workshops; segmentation and persona creation; Customer Experience (CX) journey mapping; and high fidelity prototyping & testing to plan and agree the vision for the final digital experience.

This customer experience work is essential to guide the selection of the right marketing technology to deliver the vision; the brand design style; and of course the content experience we’ll feed into all this lovely tech.

Website design & build

Daler-Rowney serve customers across all levels of artist from mum & kids, through to hobbyist, art students and professionals, using all types of medium and media to create their work. The website delivers ‘Guidance through Inspiration’ across all these different and varied types of customer.

Intelligent use of navigation and site architecture, together with targeted and dynamic content, delivers a tailored and personalised experience to each of these different customer types.

Featured artists, ‘How to’ videos, Inspiration and Discovery of new tools & techniques, provides a rich and useful content experience, all of it linked to Daler Rowney product and stockist info as part of a customer relationship and sales conversion journey.

Content strategy

You can have as much smart tech as you like, but if your content isn’t good your customers won’t stay, simple.

A key part of the Web design & build project is content strategy, creation and implementation.

Using locations and artist talent sourced from the Renegade Collective, we shot dozens of brand new videos. These videos are used to power the website experience, and are edited for re-use across Daler-Rowney social media.


Our work with Daler-Rowney continues as we take this ‘Proof of Concept’ implementation and roll it out across further Daler-Rowney brand implementations, and across country markets globally.

Since the new marketing technology has been in market we’ve seen:

20% more visits to the website

30% upturn in number of page views

40% more visits from people using mobiles

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