Helping heath and wellbeing challenger brand Lifeplan connect with new customers through lifestyle, health and wellbeing topics in a new Wellness Hub.

Social Engagement

Customer research, combined with volume analysis of search terms popular in the market, to develop a content strategy that addressed positive lifestyle motivators, and negative perception of supplements within a highly regulated consumer market. Content planning, copy writing and social media asset production, together with a social brand design guide.

Rollout across social media and a new online Wellness Hub, driving consumer engagement on wellness topics with Lifeplan experts and influencers.

Increased followers, upturn in content engagement and click through to Lifeplan product pages and stockists.

Search optimised

Getting under the skin of what customers are searching for seasonally, and at different purchase stages. Bringing this insight together with technical analysis of monthly search volume across the wellness market, and benchmarking this against competitors.

Using all this data to search optimise and Google rank for the terms that have the highest return on investment for the business bottom line.


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