We’re on a mission with Police Now to transform communities across the UK by recruiting and developing outstanding and diverse individuals to be leaders on the policing frontline!

Police Now is a Home Office funded NGO, and Renegade are their lead marketing communications agency partner.

Recruitment Campaign

A national campaign to convince the right graduate career changers to join the mission to transform society and become Police Detectives.

A Renegade big idea creative strategy rolled out by us across: website; social media; search; digital display; podcast & webinars; email; TV; radio; press; print and events.

The big idea!

Attracting the right candidate is tricky: we needed over 2,000 graduates across any degree discipline with two years’ post graduation work experience who fit a particular set of core competencies, making them ideal candidates for such a unique and challenging role: investigative mindset, empathic connector and resilience.

Do You Notice? uses a layered content strategy increasing interactivity across the consideration, compelling candidates to imagine themselves in the role, and question their perceptions of who joins the police.


Using extensive audience research alongside senior police detectives from our Renegade Collective, we developed a campaign across three phases to drive interest, engagement and debate.

1. Launch a Big Campaign message:
Radio, TV, Display, PPC, and an informative website answering candidate questions

2. Deeper engagement with skill sets across owned media channels:
Do You Notice breadcrumbs for candidates to discover across Social Media and SEO; real detective interviews and case studies

3. Accompanying potential candidates throughout the consideration journey:
Re-targeting lead creative through Display, PPC, organic Social


National radio campaign

A targeted regional radio broadcast programme resulted in 40% rise in website traffic during radio broadcast periods.

”When I first heard it, I actually pulled over, and turned my radio up.”
Police Now National Detective Programme participant

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