We’re on a mission with Police Now to transform communities across the UK by recruiting and developing outstanding and diverse individuals to be leaders on the policing frontline!

Police Now is a Home Office funded NGO, and Renegade are their lead marketing communications agency partner.


This campaign is all about attracting graduates who wouldn’t usually consider a career in the police into neighbourhood policing roles. Neighbourhood police are some of the most visible, and there’s strong evidence to show they’re most effective in building trust when they’re representative of the communities they serve.

Renegade’s job is to research, target and convince a diverse range of highly talented grads that neighbourhood policing is the career for them!

The big idea!

Challenge graduates from under represented communities to question their perceptions about who joins policing, by telling the stories of real Police Now participants from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Appeal to candidates sense of purpose by making it clear Police Now is about creating long-term societal change.

Motivate individuals with real life stories of the positive impacts Police Now participants are having on society.


National geo-targeting across 8 policing regions, with a content programme designed to speak to the interests, attitudes and priorities of Gen Z & Y graduates through a sense of purpose, alongside job security, career progression and an opportunity to take on real responsibility and achieve real results for their communities from the very start of the programme.

1. Launch a Big Campaign message:
TV, Radio, Digital Display, PPC, and a content rich website answering candidate questions
2. Deeper engagement with ‘People like me’:
Real Police Now participant, friends and family stories documenting real experiences across UK communities, using Social Media and SEO
3. Re-targeting potential candidates throughout the consideration journey:
Re-targeting lead creative through Display, PPC and organic Social.

Targeted local radio

Targeted regional radio resulting in a 44% rise in website traffic during radio broadcast periods.

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