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Helping Capital Cell democratise biotech research and development with an ‘open to the public’ investment proposition, platform and launch campaign.

Barcelona based Capital Cell are on a mission to challenge big pharma monopolies in biotech development. Their investment platform allows all of us to have a say in the future direction of biotechnology and to potentially benefit from successful investments too. Curated and guided by their panel of leading edge biotech experts Capital Cell is the first public facing dedicated biotech investment community.

The mission – make biotechnology a positive force for the benefit all of humanity, not just a source of profit for the few.


Defining the brand

Persona creation, segmentation and extensive customer research across 5 core investor profiles drawn from our Renegade Collective.

Development of brand proposition statements and core messaging frameworks across each customer group.

Creation of a new logo design, brand identity and style guide.


Launching campaigns

Development of core advertising concepts targeting a range of investor groups: angel investors; healthcare professionals; pharma scientist; millennial entrepreneurs; average joe. 

Testing concepts and evolution of launch assets across digital and offline channels. Development of a launch campaign and 12 month technology roadmap. 

Create a profile to let people know who you are, and when you’re available to host.

Find the right hosts for your journey and confirm your stay using the tech.

Developed across multiple brands.

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Create a profile to let people know who you are, and when you’re available to host.

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