Helping Irish business go global

Enterprise Ireland is the Irish government organisation helping companies grow internationally.

Enterprise Ireland help Irish businesses to go global. From start-ups to multinationals, their network of 39 international offices connect Irish businesses with opportunities around the world.

It’s their job to get the right resources into the hands of Irish businesses of all shapes and sizes, across every sector. It’s a complicated task that needs sophisticated customer experience technology to deliver tailored content at the right time to the right people. We configure and build the tech and tools that make this possible.

Using hybrid-headless software from CoreMedia, we’re migrating the entire global web estate to a single set of customer engagement tools. There’s a powerful content management engine for multi-market content, personalisation and campaigns, together with headless ‘open code’ that gives our devs the freedom to develop bespoke tools like custom workflows and automated translation updates.

We’re building with one foot in the future because nobody wants to change their big infrastructure tech platforms every five minutes. But, just like Enterprise Ireland you’re also going to need to test, trial and adopt the latest AI software plugins as they come online, Hybrid-headless lets us do this, with a nice balance between ‘out-of-the-box’ features that get business-as-usual up and running quickly, without compromising the freedom to integrate the latest and greatest new tools.

And speaking of up-and-running quickly, the first .com migration project took only 90 days to deliver a new software platform, enhanced customer experience & content optimisation using a smart, iterative sprint method. How’s that for smooth and stress-free!

We provide the enterprise-level customer experience tech across their global web estate to make this happen.

Device responsive, GDPR compliant,
W3C accessibility tested.

Entire site
re-platform delivered in 90 days!

Connecting companies of all shapes & sizes with Irish government support services.

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