Airbnb for touring cyclists

A global community of 185,000 touring cyclists plan tours, find hosts, reciprocate hospitality, and share stories along the way.

The Warmshowers community is a group of over 185,000 touring cyclists in nearly every country around the world, who connect through our technology to support each other in their journeys.

The website and mobile app allow touring cyclists to search for and find the right hosts for their trips from the Warmshowers community, and to reciprocate hospitality by hosting in return once they are safely home.

What started as a Rolodex of names in 1972 is now a global community. Based in Colorado, USA Warmshowers is a member organisation using site subscriptions to create and maintain the technology that keeps the community connected.

The latest iteration of the Warmshowers website is built and maintained by Renegade using Drupal software technology.

Our teams make sure the site is running smoothly 24/7, and constantly perfect and improve the site experience, powered by community feedback.

Create a profile to let people know who you are, and when you’re available to host.

A community of cyclists and hosts across 161 countries worldwide

Search hosts by location, filter by availability, facilities, and feedback.

Find the right hosts for your journey and confirm your stay using the tech.

Create a profile to let people know who you are, and when you’re available to host.

Grow your network by sharing help and advice, and connect with other cyclists to plan trips and tours.

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